RIGID322413 Rigid Industries D2 XL Pro LED Light - White - Hyperspot - Pair

Rigid Industries D2 XL Pro LED Light - White - Hyperspot - Pair Highlights: Compact, Ergonomic Design Each Light Houses Nine (9) Powerful LEDs 50,000 Hours of Continuous Use UV-Resistant Powder-Coated Black Finish Spot Beam Pattern Compact Off-Road LED Lighting System with Huge Power If you're looking for the maximum amount of light output for automotive off-road use but without having to mount a large light bar or make too many modifications to your truck, the D2 Dually XL from Rigid Industries is by far the best option on the market. Expanding the enclosure of their D-Series lights, the D2 Dually XL houses 9 powerful LEDs which provides even more light for your night time off-road needs while still remaining one of the smallest automotive LED lighting solutions on the market. Compact and versatile, this pair of lights provides a ton of output while drawing a minimum amount of power. With its unbreakable polycarbonate lens, durable UV-resistant polyester powder-coated black finish, stainless steel hardware, and vibration isolator, the D2 Dually XL utilizes patented Rigid Industries optics that project high-intensity LED light with more output for use in your desired application. You can't go wrong by throwing a set of D2 Dually XLs on your Ford F-150, Super Duty, Jeep or other off-road vehicle your choice. High-Powered Hyperspot Light Beam Pattern Special features of this optics system provide the user with the most powerful beam of light possible to illuminate a far and narrow area with clear and crisp light. The main difference in Rigid's Spot Lights from the D-Series Flood versions is that they emit double the distance of the flood but a much larger distance. This pair of lights is small and compact enough to be mounted in a variety of places on your vehicle, giving you the option of directing the beams horizontally or vertically in the direction of your choice. They also have a low enough power draw so that the two Dually Spots won't drain or stress your truck's battery. 10 Spot Light Beam Pattern with Huge Range Each Hyperspot light unit in this pair feature 9 powerful LEDs arranged in a 3x3 pattern. Rigid Industries uses it's patented Specter Optics system in the D2 light, projecting a 5 degree, ultra-narrow, concentrated Spot beam pattern that can reach an amazing distance of 560+ meters. If you need a clean beam with high intensity that reaches maximum distances, this is a great option in a small package per watt and square inch. The Hyperspot Dually XLs are a great addition to any off-road vehicle or truck that needs to see way down range after the sun goes down. Extraordinarily Strong and Durable Off-Road LED Lights Installing a pair of Rigid Dually XL Hyperspot Lights is easily one of the strongest and most durable upgrades you can to your vehicle. Each light is built to withstand the most brutal conditions on the planet. Each Dually XL has high-quality LED boards that are resistant to impact and vibration to keep the lights functioning as you thunder down the trail. The boards are further protected by an extra-strong cast aluminum housing and a thick polycarbonate lens that can withstand amazing levels of punishment. The housings feature oversize, built-in heat sinks that allow you to run your Dually spots without risking overheating and damage. Each light has a GORE pressure equalizing vent that prevents condensation and other problems. Rigid throws in a full set of wiring with a sealed connector and switch with each pair of their Dually XLs and mounting brackets for each light. All of their systems are manufactured right here in the USA.   Features: